What are the Top 10 Considerations While Planning for a Play Area?

Whether you are in a retail business, hospitality or the healthcare, having a kids corner at your place is the easiest way of attracting the customers and engaging the children with their favourite games. This will not only increase the sales percentage of your company but also help you in making a brand value in the market.

Today, we are here to discuss some of the important considerations to make before you decide to design a play area at your place or while buying gaming modules for that play area.

Take a look at some of the thesuggestions below:

Considerations while designing a layout for play area-

1.    Location as a key factor- Choosing an appropriate location holds an utmost importance in the decision of the parents whether they will leave their kids in that play area or not. Like for example in a retail store-It should be planned strategically so that parents can have an eye on their children while doing their shopping tasks.

2.    What is your budget -Always try to plan your play area according to the taste of your visitors while keeping an eye on your budget too. You can have a beautiful and attractive play area without even spending too much money if you are running low on your budget.

3.    Be clear with your thoughts- It should be very clear in the first phase itself that what you wish and what you want to provide to your customers. Like whether you just want to engage kids in the playing corner or you want to promote your brand also, what should be the theme of your playing area etc.

4.  Plan according to your Goals-The play area should be designed keeping the business goals in mind. It should be engaging for the kids, relieving for their parents and profitable for your business.

5.    Fencing around the play area- It is important because most of the times the play area is meant for kids with a younger age and a safety fence can protect them from any possible injuries in the outer areas.

Considerations while buying gaming modules for playing areas-

6.    From where are you buying- Getting the products from a company having a good market value will make your work a lot easier and reliable. Their experience in the industry gives your business those benefits of the research they have already done on the market trends.

7.    Try to develop an inclusive area for all-The gaming modules should be chosen according to every kind of child. By the work 'every kind', we mean that the requirements of the kids with special needs should also be kept in mind. Some games should be incorporated which can be played by the kids of different interests.

8.    Are the products certified for child safety-? Confirm with the supplier that whether the products you are buying for your play area confirms to the safety standards or not. This will help you in keeping the children safe at your place with their parents’ trust intact in your brand.

9.    Buy the gaming modules which needs minimal supervision- Why will you pay to the supervisor when the games alone can do the task. On the one hand, where interactive games can make them busy while on the other the games designed according to the given safety standards will leave the authorities and the parents’ tension free about the well-being of the children.

9.    Target a particular age group- The gaming corner should be planned according to the target audience, and the gaming modules that you think of incorporating in that playing area must be according to that age group only.

10.    Ask for the maintenance needs of gaming modules-Ask from the vendor whether the gaming modules need any regular maintenance or special care. If yes, then do take proper measures for the same.

This way, when you are planning to implement something for children, you should not compromise the quality and the safety factors. Moreover, you cannot deny the importance of a play area in your sales. So be ready to delight your customers with your friendly services.

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Planning for a Play Area

Planning for a Play Area

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